Sleep - Sound of Rain (Link)

Sleep - Sound of Rain & a Fan 2 Hz (Link)

Sleep & Rest 2-8 Hz (Link)

Memory Brainwave Frequency 40 Hz (Link)

Memory, Focus & Concentration 40 Hz (Link)

Pain Relief, MS, Lymphatic System 174 Hz (Link)

Heals Tissues & Organs, Enhance Immune System, Reproductive System 285 Hz (Link)

Bladder, Kidney, Liver, Thyroid, Adrenal, Uterus 352 Hz (Link)

Crystal Bowls Singing, Full Body Aura Cleanse w/ focus on Organs, Relaxation, Positive 110-900 Hz(Link)

Helps Blood Pressure, Decreases Fear, Guilt, Thyroid, Adrenal 396 Hz (Link)

Repair DNA, Liver, Cell Regeneration, Energy, Digestion, Pancreas, Nervous System 528 Hz (Link)

Positive Relationships, Trauma Recovery 639 Hz (Link)

Detoxifies Cells, Removes Toxins & Negativity, Thyroid, Throat, Lungs 741 Hz (Link)

Super Positive Energy 963 Hz(Link)

Hormonal Balance, Adrenal Healing 1335 Hz (Link)

Full Body Aura Cleanse & Cell Regeneration 174-963 Hz, 9 min each (Link)

1-4Hz - Delta - deep sleep, pain relief, mediation, anti-aging, access to unconscious mind
4-8Hz - Theta - deep relaxation, creativity, mediation
8-14Hz - Alpha - less stress, focus, positive thinking, increase learning capabilities, state of flow
14-30Hz - Beta - focus, analytical thinking, stimulating energy & action, high level cognition
30-100Hz - Gamma cognitive enhancement, attention to detail, memory recall

Solfeggio Frequencies
147Hz - clarity & intellectual organization
174Hz - pain & stress
285Hz - healing of tissues and organs, enhance immune system 396Hz - decrease fears, guilt. Promotes groundedness
417Hz - elimination of negative emotions, dissolves emotional blockages, facilities change & creativity, pleasure
432Hz - spirit, calmness, sense of well being
440Hz - cognitive function & development
528Hz - DNA repair, feelings of love, goodwill, promotes personal power
639Hz - positive emotions, good energy, reconnecting in relationships, compassion, trauma recovery
741Hz - detoxifies cells & organs, solutions and self expression, communication, increased awareness
852Hz - raised cellular energy, redirecting conscious mind away from stress & anxiety, clarity of thought, wisdom
963Hz - removes anxiety, promotes oneness and unity, activates Pineal gland, spirit
Other: 317Hz - Liver, 319Hz - Kidney, 321Hz - Blood, 324Hz - Muscles, 352Hz - Bladder, 418Hz - Bone, 492Hz - Adrenal, Thyroid.