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Lucy's Lunch Wagon & Restrooms

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Ralph Maier is selling a large portion of his Vintage Tools and Early American Gadgets and What's It collection ! Plan to join us for an interesting 4th of July Auction ! This will be a fast paced auction, with many individual items !

ANTIQUES, COLLECTIBLES, & MANY “What's It “ ITEMS ! Hundreds of Items ! Vintage Farm tools, Logging tools, Mechanic & Carpenter tools and Much More !

SELLING – Crescent wrench collection; Rail road signal lanterns; Specialty Tools of All Kinds; Forge tools; Hoof knockers; Platform / Counter scales; Oak crank wall phone; Forks, Shovels and other vintage hand farm tools; Hand carpenter tools incl. Levels, Draw shaves, Spoke shaves, Hammers and much more; Wooden Oxen yoke; Yard stick adv. Collection; Surveyors wheels; Grain Cradle; Log spike pole; Logging tongs; Hay knives; Cross cut and One man saws; Ice tongs; Wooden hand tools; Broad axes; Wooden barrel type butter churn; Wall hooks; Walking kids horse; Old store cash register; Milk cans; Pot belly stoves; Copper still; Hay Trolley; Sickle grinder; Large emery wheel; Steel Implement wheels; Meat Cleaver collection; Kitchen gadgets; Cast iron & metal implement seats; Oriental & other noodle makers; Sickle grinder; Bike RR adapter device; Level for building RR track curves; Potato digger; Coal chutes; metal bed décor; Tumble bug earth remover; Horse cultivator & plow; Hay forks; Hitching posts; Root hooks; Very HD Chain; RR wreck chain; Hand cultivator; Fire hydrant; lrg. Straight saw blade; Governor; Scalding kettle; Sleigh brake; Milk can cart; Spark Proof Oil can; Pail opener; 2-sections of medium duty pallet racking; Brass fire extinguisher; Live chicken holder; Leather working tools; Table top Cream separator; Well Crank; Early vacuum cleaner; lrg. Pipe threader; Corn planter check wire & stakes; Hat making forms; Band saw setters; Disc blade sharpeners; Artillery casings; Lamp lighter; Woven fence maker; Boat caulking tools; vintage hardware catalog; Horse bits; Hydrant wrenches; wood barrel skis; Grain sackers; Egg carton maker; shoe last; Vegetable grinder; Cranberry pickers; Grain scoop; small wooden yoke; Hand corn planters; Buggy jacks; Cow bells; Pie lifters; Door stand; Sugar beet sifter; Ice plow; plow handles; Mason shoe collection; Fuller Brush letter opener collection; Shoe spoon collection; Cream pails; Balance Beam collection; Diamond adjustable wrench collection; Faucet handle collection; RR nail collection; Potato masher collection; Grain probe sampler; Ear Corn sampler; Balance Beam from Scales collection; Steel Wheels; Wooden wheel; Garbage burner; Ornate vacuum pump; Letter Opener collection; Lid lifters & grate shakers collection; Calf weaner collection; Saw set collection; Hammer collection; Caboose wood stove; Lead melting stove; Wire stretcher collection; Bread maker; wooden mauls; Plomb bobs; Hand washing machine; Carpet laying tools; Seed corn sorter; Horse collar bells; rope maker; Grain flail; Coopers tools; vintage lawn mower; Traveler; Hardware scale; Hand food chopper; table top washing machine; sad irons; Milk buckets; Bog shoes; Apple grinder; Tobacco grinder; IHC Feed grinder hopper; Vintage IHC parts; 51 State license plate collection; 85 Wisconsin Bicycle plates; Hand clothes washer; Spittoons; Parking meter; Metal mail box; Immigrant trunk. Other items of collectible nature !

Ralph Maier, owner

2820 13th. St., Eau Claire, Wis.

Cash, Check, Credit cards accepted.
10% Buyers fee on all purchases.
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Andrews Auction Service
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